Commercial Snow Plowing in Beach Park, IL

If you are a property manager, facilities manager or the owner of a commercial business in Beach Park, IL, then you are the person responsible for making sure you hire a commercial snow removal company that is responsive to your needs.  At KPS, maintaining the safety and accessibility of your parking lot is our top priority.

Utilizing state of the art snow removal equipment, dispatched from our primary location next to the I-294 Tollway, KPS’s trained professionals are standing by, ready to keep your parking lots and walkways free of snow and ice.  Our 24/7 weather monitoring allows us to track winter storms and dispatch our crews for your commercial snow plowing needs in Beach Park, IL.

KPS is a Kaplan Company, a full-service asphalt company.  Not only can we handle your commercial snow removal in Beach, Park, IL, but we can also handle your asphalt maintenance, sealcoating and parking lot striping.

If you are ready to see what KPS snow can do for you, contact us at 1-847-996-3692 and let us give you your exact price for commercial snow removal.

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